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The Honest Truth About Recruiting in Korea

Treat Your Application as if You were Applying to a Job in your Home Country

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Just a pointer for all your new (and some old) applicants.  I know that many of you are weary of recruiters due to the reputation this industry has, but if you’re going to be rude or condescending or demanding in the interview or anytime during the application process, don’t expect him/her to do you any favours.  It’s an interview for fucks sake!

Also, DO NOT call asking if we received your resume.  Sending in a resume does not guarantee a job.  Every applicant is carefully screened so if you don’t hear from us it probably means we’re not interested.


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October 31, 2009 at 5:52 pm

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  1. […] industry that I’ve worked in for several years.  However, a job is a job anywhere you go.  Be professional about it.  If you don’t get a reply back, apply somewhere else (again and again and […]

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