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How to Tell Good Recruiting Agencies from Shady Ones

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There always seems to be a thread on ESL Cafe of applicants looking for good recruiters to work with.  Here are some things I noticed of the so-called ‘good’ ones:

1.  Check out their website.  If they don’t have one, then I would be suspicious.  A professional agency always has a decent, well-built website.  Make sure their jobs and links are updated as well.  Lots of agencies have websites but they’re quite pitiful which shows that they’re too lazy to update.

2.  Is the email address they’re using a free email like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc?  Again, a professional agency would put the time/money into getting their own domain.

3.  Do they reply back with a call or email within one day?  Regardless if they have positions or not, a call (or even a quick email acknowledging receipt of request) is the professional thing to do.

4.  Do they speak at least near-fluent English?  Personally, I would never trust a recruiter that spoke broken English.  This leads to miscommunication and frustration for both parties.  An established agency always has at least one or two native speakers on hand to speak to recruits.

5.  Stating the obvious, but be weary of recruiters trying to offer you a contract within the first 2 days before all the information/policies have been hammered out.  You never have to use only one agency.

6.  Don’t ever send them documents unless you are sure you know which school you want to go to and that they are able to offer you that position.

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November 3, 2009 at 11:05 am

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