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Tough It Out, Advises Former Flu Patient

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The government is expected to raise the alert level for H1N1 to the highest yet today which will likely affect many schools and teachers alike.  Is it all fear-mongering though?  Here’s a snippet from the Korea Times of a Korean law student who contracted the virus but now is fully recovered.

“Many news reports and groundless rumors, particularly regarding the vaccine’s side effects, are refueling the fear unnecessarily.”

I can confirm that it’s no more than just a seasonal flu with mild symptoms for most healthy people. Here, I will describe what happened to me in chronological order. Of course, I don’t mean that people should throw caution away. But I intend to contribute my experience because I want to save patients from unnecessary fear.

Oct. 5: I found myself to have a sore throat with sporadic coughing, but without a chill or running nose. I began taking an over-the-counter cold medicine.

Oct. 6-7: I showed no signs of recovery despite the consumption of medicine. Stopped taking over-the-counter medicine and replaced it with pills prescribed by a hospital near my home.

Oct. 8: I found myself with a bit of a fever and a chill in the morning. My condition rapidly deteriorated in the afternoon, making me suspect I was infected with influenza A. Wearing a mask, I visited Wonkwang Univ. Sanbon Medical Center in Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, around 4 p.m. to get an influenza A checkup. My temperature was 37 degrees Celsius. Medical staff members encouraged me not to contact people face-to-face until the test was confirmed negative. I kept taking cold medicine.

Oct. 9: No fever or chill in the morning, but a little headache. A hospital official contacted me around 8 p.m. to inform me that I had tested positive for the H1N1 virus, forcing me to stay at home without leaving for at least one week. With a total of 10 Tamiflu 10 pills – two pills a day – I isolated myself in a room and avoided direct contact with my family.

Oct. 13: No cold-like symptoms were found, but I kept taking Tamiflu along with cold medicine as prescribed. I revisited the hospital to see whether I had recovered, but doctors encouraged me not to go outside until Oct. 25 to protect against virus transmission. A doctor said that if no suspicious symptom existed on Oct. 25, it could be judged that I was fully recovered.

Oct. 25: I had no suspicious symptoms, so I returned to my normal life without any additional confirmation checkup. No symptoms have arisen since then.

Kim Jung-hyun, 28, is a graduate student majoring in law at Korea University in Seoul. He can be reached at

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November 3, 2009 at 10:55 am

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