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It will get better. Trust me.

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It was a busier than usual Friday so didn’t get a chance to post.  Lots of discussion out there regarding the economy and difficulties of finding that ideal position on ESL Cafe (yes, it is my job to cruise the forums).  Don’t worry though.  The party’s not over yet.  Like I said, be resilient and aggressive and NEVER accept an offer if it doesn’t look right.

I spoke with several expats who have been here since the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 and they said right now it’s heaven compared to back then.  Schools were closing down left and right and scores of instructors were out of the job.

I think that this is the worst that it’ll get for this crisis.  November and December are generally low recruiting months as well (it’ll start picking up again in February) so that is compounded with the whole ‘financial crisis’.

There’s also lots of news regarding parents sending their kids overseas to study.  The trend is fading according to this article in the Korea Herald.  They don’t really mention the economy as the main factor of this trend:

“We would have to analyze the reasons for the decline, but we suspect maybe this means the parents’ views are slowly changing on studying abroad at an early age,” an official at the Education Ministry said.

But I think it’s a huge factor.  With that extra cash that parents are saving from sending their kids abroad for a year or two, I’m willing to bet the farm that enrollments in hagwons in-country will rise.   Only a thought but makes sense, no?

To the new (and old) applicants:  stay positive and keep on hunting!


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November 6, 2009 at 4:35 pm

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say I have read every post in your blog and they are SO useful!!! My boyfriend and I are currently in this sort of position – we want to go to Korea, we have our documents ready but it’s just a bit slow at the moment!! It’s encouraging that someone within the recruiting industry thinks it will get better because we were starting to lose hope that it is not going to come together. But we will keep our fingers crossed and see what happens! And we will definitely keep reading your blog!! Thanks, vicandric x


    November 10, 2009 at 2:53 am

    • Hey thanks! Means a lot. Yeah, like I said, don’t be discouraged; it’s been a lot worse before. Hang in there and don’t ever accept a job below your standards!


      November 10, 2009 at 12:13 pm

  2. […] Having said all that though, the above email is completely unnecessary.  Perhaps written in haste out of frustration and anger, it pretty much eliminates any chances of employment with these guys in the future.  Not that he’s looking to stay though but you should never burn bridges no matter how much you hate that bridge.  Now for those of you that have kept up with my blog (thanks!) you know that I’m very unsympathetic on the industry that I’ve worked in for several years.  However, a job is a job anywhere you go.  Be professional about it.  If you don’t get a reply back, apply somewhere else (again and again and again). […]

  3. […] When I saw the title of this article, I got a little excited.  Finally, a turnaround on the poor economy?  Then I read this: The number of Korea’s private educational institutes, known as hagwon, […]

  4. […] that are in line with education and experience.  Hopefully this is a sign that the economy is finally turning around, which may ultimately be bad for us recruiters (and […]

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