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Applying as a couple or friends

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This is a tough one.  It’s great if a school has 2 open positions for a couple or 2 friends and they’re willing to fill those spots in one shot.  It’s definitely a good thing for a school to accept a couple because they can find single housing.  But make sure that they get a studio that can accommodate 2 people, not just stuff both of you in an apartment made for a single.

If you’re a couple, you’re obviously going to have fights once in awhile (well from my experience anyways) so being crammed into a small space definitely won’t help.  2 friends?  I’m guessing 2 friends wouldn’t want to live together normally but if you do, I’d highly advise against it.  You did the roommate thing through college and you won’t regret the privacy you have by having your own place, no matter how close you guys are.

Be weary though.  First, lots of schools don’t have 2 open positions at the same time.  Secondly, schools are very hesitant on hiring a couple or 2 or more friends.  Why?  Because groups that are hired together usually run away together if they don’t like the situation or are homesick.  Also, especially for couples, schools don’t want your squabbles to affect your work and/or your co-workers.  I’ve seen it many times where couples that come together are no longer an item by the end of the contract (same for friends too).

More often than not, schools would prefer not to hire these groups.  That being said, you should inform your recruiter/school that you wish to apply with someone else.  But it’s best to be flexible.  Tell them that you’re willing to work at different schools as long as they’re close to each other.  This may be tougher for couples who usually want to live together though.  The most ideal situation, if you can’t work at the same school, is work at different schools in close proximity to each other, but live in the same housing.  This can get tricky though; either both schools have to be owned by the same director or one of you can get a housing allowance in lieu of supplied housing.  The person provided housing by the school has to convince their director to get bigger housing.  Never try to hide the fact that you have someone else living in your housing.  Schools generally don’t care about this as long you don’t have all night parties or wreck the place.


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November 10, 2009 at 2:05 pm

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