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100 Indians to be recruited as assistant English teachers

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This seems to be the hot topic of the day.  I highly doubt that Indians will be hired in droves.  First of all, Korean society (as we all well know) is relatively closed-minded compared to the West.  Even E-2s of colour have a tough time landing a job.  It’s quite obvious that their soon-to-be Indian counterparts won’t fare any better.

I think the Education Ministry failed to realize that English is not the native language of Indians!!  Although to be fair, some of the call center folk have pretty damn good ‘native-like’ accents!



I don’t think parents would be too happy to have their children be taught by an Indian as opposed to a person from the U.S. for example.  Unless they have native or even near native accents or the hagwon is saving a fortune on salary, then it wouldn’t make economical sense.

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November 11, 2009 at 6:10 pm

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