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English Teachers Fight Naver Over Racial Blog

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Read about this on Dave’s but the issue made the Korea Times as well.

ATEK’s viewpoints are all valid and I agree that this ‘Anti-Englishspectrum’ group is a bunch of whiny, crybabies with way too much time on their hands. They’re absolutely advocating hate and Naver should undoubtedly ban their pathetic little group. Of course educated citizens/netizens can see right through their scheme and know that it’s a bunch of hogwash but hate is hate.

Of course Naver (NHN) is doing nothing about it (yet):

In the meantime, the NHN said that it has no plans to take immediate action in response to the calls by the foreign teachers’ group. “As I understand it, there are no critical wrongdoings with the Anti-English Spectrum, so we cannot take any actions against the online community, although we will look into the letter if they sent it to us,” said Won Yoo-sik, a spokesperson for the company.

Stop playa-hating and get on with your lives!!

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November 16, 2009 at 10:58 am

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