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There’s a lot of expat bloggers here in Korea and I immensely enjoy reading all of them. There’s one however, that never ceases to entertain me. I think most of you would agree that An Idiot’s Tale is one of your favourite blogs as well. He’s known as the ever elusive ‘asmith’ on ESL Cafe but claims he won’t post there anymore.

Why do I like his blog so much?

1. It’s simple. He doesn’t try to be pretentious and just says what’s on his mind. Of course some of this is repetitive but his seemingly mundane daily trudge through life somehow amuses me. While I do read a lot of blogs, I usually skip through things that have been done to death or just have ‘too much information’ for me to read everything. But An Idiot’s Tale is always a good read.

2. It’s politically-incorrect but NOT racist which adds to the entertaining appeal. I know that he’s been getting complaints (probably from Koreans) that he is overly racist, sexist, etc. I think it’s the exact opposite (okay maybe a little sexist…). If you read every post very carefully, I believe that asmith understands Korean culture very well, especially with his co-teacher (don’t get involved in Mongol squabbles….) and is also putting for (somewhat) of an effort to learn Korean. And yes, he does imitate his wife and co-worker’s accents but that’s how he hears it!

3. He admits his imperfections. Most critics would say that asmith is an alcoholic good for nothing who doesn’t care about his family. But again, if you read his posts carefully, you would know that he’s a decent guy who provides for his family, let’s his kids be, always take his wife and kids out, and is close with his family back home. I highly doubt he’s a cheater (looking is not cheating) as I honestly think that he’s too busy/lazy to cheat:)

Stay real asmith and keep up the wicked blog!!


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November 18, 2009 at 2:19 pm

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