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Use a Headhunter or Apply to a company Directly for that Job?

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Mint resumes provided a great post regarding whether or not a job applicant should use a recruiter or apply directly to a company. This can pertain to the job hunt for a teaching position in Korea.

I agree that one should use both avenues but in the end, it’s always better to apply directly to a company (sorry boss!). However, keep in mind that a lot of hagwons use recruiters exclusively. It is a tough and arduous process that schools do not want to deal with if they don’t have to or simply don’t have the manpower/full knowledge to do so. Big chain schools like YBM Education and Chungdahm Learning seem to utilize their own recruiters to screen and hire applicants. Like I said before, the recruiters here (who work for the company) are more knowledgeable about their positions, programs, etc. I highly doubt that they work on commission so it may provide less incentive for them to beat around the bush or outright lie about their respective companies and/or positions. Again, not advocating that you work at these companies or not; just providing an example of 2 big name schools. However, it does seem that some of their branches do recruit on their own from what I see on Dave’s.

Recruiters/agencies tend to work with many public and private school where within a particular company or school, there are varying positions. That’s why I said that to be a recruiter you must have a good memory!

Again, my everlasting advice? Apply to as many positions as possible through both recruiters and the companies themselves.

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November 21, 2009 at 5:57 pm

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  1. I was looking at YBM education, but they mainly only offer split shifts and I don’t think I would enjoy myself living like that. What age group would an early afternoon shift be in? like 10-6, 11-7 time table.

    Do you know anything about private schools in Busan? I am starting to think Seoul is getting too competitive for me. I came across RBI recruiting. They seem a little mom and pop, but this is the first I have seen a recruiter that specializes in one city, which is good. I am about to give up on this public school thing because of all the hoops they want me to jump through.


    November 22, 2009 at 8:57 am

    • Thanks again for the post idea Tom. Just as an FYI, YBM offers both children and adult positions. I believe the link I sent was for the children’s division (ECC).

      Yeah, the public schools are definitely being more strict these days so it may be better to find a private after-school academy. A typical block schedule would be from 2-8, 3-9, or 4-10 (usually 6 hours).


      November 22, 2009 at 6:50 pm

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  7. […] Of course this is only my opinion and some may try to refute this.  A public school is best for someone who isn’t so concerned about money or for someone who has a lot of experience with decent pay to reflect that.  Also, if you’re studying for a post-graduate degree or doing some side work on the internet, you can do that during your desk-warming hours.  However, as most people are here to save some coin, probably best to go the hagwon route.  Of course there are a ton of shady schools (and recruiters) out there so as I had always mentioned, best to apply to one of the big chains directly. […]

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