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Teaching kids or adults?

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Of course this is only my opinion and my agency mostly deals with after school academies for children (generally aged 5 to 16) or public schools (elementary, middle, high school). We do receive requests for adult hagwons once in awhile but the vast majority are for the kiddies. If I was looking for a teaching position in Korea, there’s no doubt in my mind I would rather teach kids than adults. Here are my reasons.

1. The nasty split shift. This is probably the only dealbreaker for most that choose kids over adults (most, not all, adult hagwons have the split shift). Unless you like waking up at 5 every morning and finishing your day past midnight, teach children. There are big gaps in the middle of the day but it will suck even more if your house is not close by for a quick power nap. You’d be lucky to find an adult hagwon with a block schedule.

2. You’re scrutinized more when teaching adults. Kids are forced to go to hagwon. Thus, most of them usually don’t want to be there. If you create a fun environment for them, they will be happy, even if you’re not teaching them all that well (bad advice but the truth). Adults pay their own way (sometimes their companies do) so they want to get the most bang for their buck. If you’re a shitty instructor, expect them to go somewhere else and for you to get complaints from them and your director.

3. You usually have to work at least one weekend day. This is from my experience with these positions. Because this is when adults are usually not at work (goes hand in hand with the split shift) you probably have to work one of these days. I know that this may be the case for the kiddies as well but not as often as the adults.

4. The pay sucks. Well, it is somewhat inline with other kiddie positions but when considering all the negatives, it’s not worth it.

That’s all I could think of for now. Anyone else want to add more or refute any of this?


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November 22, 2009 at 6:47 pm

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