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What the hell is going on in Korean schools?!?!

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We found out a couple of days ago that teachers who are sexually abusive will be kicked out of schools (wow that DOES make sense Korea! Great thinking!!).

Maybe it’s because of incidents like this. How the hell do you be charged and sentenced to a jail term after sexually harassing a student and THEN BE REINSTATED?!?

“It only took five months since Park’s release from prison until he preyed on a juvenile victim again,” the court said.

This time, Park forcibly kissed his 15-year-old student during a class. Previously, Park harassed two elementary school girls in 2007 and was sent to jail for nine months.

I found this tidbit amusing as well:

A Seoul court said Tuesday the 49-year-old man, identified as Park, who studied at a U.S. college, was arrested for violating the Sexual Protection of Children and Juveniles Law. His nationality was not revealed.

Why would they bother to mention that his ‘nationality was not revealed’? It’s quite obvious the man is Korean (okay maybe that’s an assumption too but they didn’t have to mention anything about his nationality in the first place). If he was a foreigner, he wouldn’t even be in the country anymore!!

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November 25, 2009 at 10:46 am

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