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More Koreans Pin Job Hopes on Plastic Surgery

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Interesting but all to predictable article here from Chosun.

Do credentials and hard work count for anything here? Foreign job applicants for teaching jobs in Korea know that appearance does matter when applying for a job as photos are required along with a resume. This post gives some tips on how NOT to take a photo for a job submission.

I mentioned somewhere that a photo is required for Korean job seekers as well. If you ever look at a couple of Korean resumes, you’ll see that that they all look the same and they have a spot on the top right for a typically bland photo.

Unfortunately, as evil recruiters who work for the school, we too must take into consideration an applicant’s appearance. Again, not saying that you have to have supermodel looks. Even if you don’t fit ‘society’ mold’ of a good-looking person, you can always make yourself marketable with a nice looking pic.

The below rings somewhat true:

Preferences for a facial contour differs according to the kind of they look for. Aspiring flight attendants or TV presenters prefer a small, oval face, while those applying jobs in banking or teaching want a face that gives a sense of softness and decency.

If you’re looking for an applicant for a job that requires face-to-face customer service then yes, appearance is important. Teaching however, is kind of tricky. You definitely want someone who looks friendly and outgoing but sometimes schools ask for too much. How about experience and good references? Does that count for anything these days?


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