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How much does an agency make per head?

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I received an email from a reader awhile ago regarding how much recruiters make per successful placement. I think most of you know the general fee (around $1,000 USD or 1,000,000 KRW) but it does vary on different factors. Some agencies accept a flat fee usually in the 1 million KRW range regardless of the instructor’s credentials. However, most agencies have different tiers or levels they assign to their fees. For example, a fresh college grad with a non-English/Education degree will fetch a million. If he/she has an English or education-related degree, the fee is increased to 1.1 and perhaps 1.2 for one or two years of experience. Keep in mind that each year of experience does not constitute a continual increase. There will likely be various ranges (ex. 1-2 years=100,000 KRW extra, 2-4 years=200,000 KRW extra).

Now if you’re a Harvard Ed. grad (even with no experience), I’ve seen some recruiters charge up to 2 million KRW, sometimes even more. The problem with attracting instructors from big name education schools is that they usually don’t want to come to Korea and teaching jobs are relatively plentiful (compared to other industries) even in a sinking economy.

However, I did mention here that due to the shoddy economy, many recruiters are not getting full fees. As a matter of fact, some are practically giving candidates away due to the sheer number of applicants relative to open positions. This pretty much sucks for everyone: the schools, recruiters, and applicants alike.


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December 7, 2009 at 4:06 pm

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