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I like Mint Resumes a lot because the writer posts many things that are relevant to my job. I read a lot of other HR/recruiting blogs but usually it’s a different ball game compared to what recruiters do here in Korea.

Anyways, here’s an interesting post from Mint.

Be an honorable client – don’t screw over your recruiter. How do candidates do that? By being difficult and changing your mind about the amount of salary you want, after telling the recruiter a lower range. By pouting over a title you feel you should have – when it’s way out of the ballpark for the particular employer you’re talking to. The above actions torpedo your candidacy big time. In effect, you’re saying to the employer, “Forget about everything I said and did to make you want me – this is what I’m really like.”

They need you to perform when you get the job. The search is over, you’ve inked the contract, champagne corks are popping and the hiring company is excited. It’s been a long job search. You feel exhausted. The first day of work comes and you’re a no-show. Someone completely different from the person they interviewed shows up. The spark, the attitude, that drive – they’re missing. The candidate? DOA. Nothing is a larger disappointment. You create an image during the interviewing process – you’ve got to live up to it on the job. Don’t make your recruiter look like a liar.

You don’t get placed, they don’t get paid. Recognize that it’s a buyer’s market for talent right now. Many recruiters are working strictly on a commission with much less front money (if any) than they received 18 months ago. If this were a reality show in the UK it might be called “Strictly Come Recruiting.” The recruiter needs to complete the search and fill the job with the best possible candidate – someone who will be a great living, breathing advertisement for the recruiter’s skills. That’s you, ducks. The really memorable candidates for recruiters are people who perform and lead the employer back to the recruiter for seconds, thirds, and more.

When you’re hired and perform for the employer, you’re also cementing yourself as a winner in the mind of the recruiter – which will come in quite handy when you’re ready for the next opportunity.

Lots of you hate recruiters in Korea, I know, but trust me that we get screwed over plenty by candidates as well. I’ve always ascertained that you should use as many recruiters as possible when searching for a job. However, when you’ve found the one you want and signed on the dotted line (and sent your documents in), don’t try to change the contract or conditions. You’re showing a different side of you but not in a good way if you try to pull this. You can also believe me that you won’t be very successful in doing so. Research the job and make sure that you’re good to go. Otherwise you’ll look like an ass.

I’ve mentioned here that it’s in the best interest of your recruiter that you do a good job and complete your contract. An honest recruiter will work hard to put you in a reputable position. Don’t screw him over by performing poorly!

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December 7, 2009 at 4:18 pm

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