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Start naming names!!

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Following up on my previous post, I know that the mods on Dave’s strongly discourage name-dropping in a negative light since a lot of recruiters are their customers (understandable).  But feel free to do it here!

Anyone been legitimately screwed over by a not-so-professional recruiter or agency?  List their name here so that other applicants can avoid them.

However, let’s not play the same shady games that they do and ensure that your experiences are accurate.

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December 14, 2009 at 11:27 am

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Recruiters getting a bad rap on Dave’s

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Going through the job discussion forum on Dave’s, I’m noticing more than usual discussion on recruiters and they’re ALL negative.  Here, here, here, and here.  And that’s only on the first page.  Let me give you the breakdown on the recruiters these posters are dealing with:

They’re unprofessional, pathetic idiots who are better off in different jobs.  I was going to suggest the service industry but obviously these morons have no social skills so that would be inappropriate.

If a recruiter is intentionally trying to screw you over he/she has way too much time on their hands.  Do they actually think that going this route would actually result in something positive, like a placement fee?  If I knew that a relationship with a candidate was heading south, I would just end it right there.  Why be malicious for something fruitless.  You’re only making yourself look petty and giving you and your agency a bad name.

A recruiter is trying to sue you for backing out of a contract?  HA!  Now I do understand it sucks for recruiters if you sign a contract and then back out.  But hello!?!  It’s NOT illegal.  I don’t want to condone this kind of behaviour; candidates, please research jobs thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.  But again, this idiot (the recruiter not the candidate) is trying to get water from an empty well.  Now, this recruiter can be a dick and try to hold your documents hostage but in the end, THAT’S ILLEGAL, and you can and will get them back.

Another poster suggested that the above case was a scam that some recruiters try to pull to get some blackmail money from applicants.  If these guys think that you’re really that stupid then it could be possible.  But obviously anyone with a high school diploma wouldn’t fall for something like this.  So it makes the recruiters who pull this ‘scam’ stupid.  Hey, anything is possible right?

Yes, recruiters are getting a bad rap these days (well it seems more than usual).  These douchebags deserve it and I’m somewhat ashamed to be a part of this industry (if you can even call it that).  Rest assured, these guys won’t be in business that long and they shouldn’t be.

If at all possible, try to apply directly to a company rather than going through a recruiter (sorry again boss, but it’s true!).

I remember advising that you send off your resume to as many recruiters as possible.  You know what?  Axe that.  There’s too many dummies out there.  Just follow these steps (more here too) in finding/using decent recruiters to help you land that position.  Don’t bother sending your resume to anyone that seems ‘off’.

Maybe it’s the economy but it seems that these guys are getting more desperate.  Desperation is trouble so avoid it if you notice even a hint of it.  Good thing that I get a base salary so I’m not too worried.  The straight and narrow path is the only way to success so I’ll be laughing when these guys are delivering 짜짱면 when they’re in their forties.

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December 14, 2009 at 11:16 am

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