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Disgusting story about race

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I’ve discussed Korean race relations and the ESL recruiting industry previous.  Anyone who has taught or teaches in Korea knows that race (and appearance) plays a big role in the hiring process of any job in Korea, not just English instructors.  I honestly thought it was getting better over the past couple of years.  Believe it or not, the fact that Obama is now president inclines schools to hire more African American/Canadian instructors (at least at my agency).  They somehow stupidly believe that a black American president validates a race of being capable of teaching English.

Then I read this post from BlackChild in Korean Kimchi Kountry.  First of all, I would like to commend BlackChild for basically telling the driver to fuck off (not in so many words but in a somewhat humourous way).  It’s absolutely disgusting that someone would get treated in this way in this day and age.  It’s funny how Koreans think that yelling and causing a scene will result in them getting what they want.

To be quite honest, you have to have super-thick skin to work in this country if you’re not Korean or white.  There I said it.  Very blunt but it’s true.

This isn’t the only incident I have had trying to access Korean conveyance. I bought a bus ticket to go home from Seoul about 2 minutes prior to departure. I usually buy my ticket early and the gate agent usually refrains from sitting Koreans near me. On this particular morning I bought the last ticket for the packed bus so I was going to have to sit next to a Korean. Fine by me but when I get on the bus the lady in the adjacent seat knows immediately I’m coming for the seat next to her and we will be seatmates for 4.5 hours. That bitch starts yelling at the top of her lungs something about waegookin(foreigner) and go. She might called me a couple of niggers but I had my headphones so I barely heard. The driver gets on looking like a Korean Arthur Ponchorelli from C.H.I.P.S in his extra medium dress shirt to take tickets. This bitch is screaming next to me and I am sitting there with the most beatific look on my face enjoying Dave Chapelle at the Beacon. The driver is suppose to take my ticket and go on about his business but he is motioning for me to take off my headphones. I do and he says “changee busa”. I pretend like I don’t hear him so he says it again I pretend like I don’t understand. That slick back sonofabitch tried to put my ass off the bus on some old Rosa Park shit. The next bus wasn’t due to leave for another 4 hours and there was no way in hell I was getting off the bus. I just smiled put my headphones back on and continued to listen to Chapelle . He got frustrated and since he didn’t have to sit next to me he just shrugged and walked away.
If you live in Korea or seek work here you quickly realize that their is a racial hierarchy at play. The most sought after archetype is attractive young white girsl from America, next is attractive young white girls from any place else, it goes on like that until you get to me the “Black”. When I lived in Incheon there was about 4 major chain schools that had a corporate policy of not hiring Black people .So it wasn’t exactly surprising when I saw this post of an ad from Idiot’s blog.

They are looking for an active, funny and bright white guy teacher.(Their highlight not mine)

Please send me your resume and recent photo ASAP. or call me 016-405-5396

At least none of us darkies have to bother sending them a resume.
Now lest you think these are isolated incidents of Korean Bullshit and the government couldn’t be as unenlightened as the citizenry or private industry. I turn your attention to exhibit 322,789B in the case of Common Sense v. Republic of Korea. These screen grabs are from a blog called Popular Gusts

(Notice the two different spellings on Cheongwadae on the official government site) I’m telling you attention to detail is not a high priority here.

The notice on the left says the tour is closed “South Korea has been relatively safe from the pandemic but infections are worried to accelerate as people getting together like group tour”.
The notice on the right says only children under 18 and foreigners are to be excluded from the tour. What takes this from just average Korean bullshit to the sublime is this man.

His name is Lee Cham and he is the head of the Korea Tourism Organization and decidedly not Korean. This low self-esteem sonofabitch rolled around in some Korean got out of the bed put his pants on and changed his name. Now I’ve been with women from around the world and when I was finished I didn’t jump out of the bed and yell call me Qui Que Rodriguez, call me Ryu Hayabusa, call me Shmuley Schvartze Finklestein, or call me Qing Dao(Shing Dow). The crazy part of this story is he should be banned from the building . Imagine it, the head of the national tourism agency is banned from one of the more popular sites based on his race. I wonder how this kimchi cheerleader gets out of bed every morning and promotes this bullshit. (In the interest of full disclosure I must say I could give 2 fucks about cultural tours as far as I am concerned I’m not here on a field trip)
Korea Sparkling


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December 18, 2009 at 11:47 am

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  1. […] you you’re fat or you have bad skin or that you’re short.  If you don’t have thick skin, you probably won’t last a […]

  2. As I an a Korean, I feel shamed of Korean.
    If you see their Government, you can see all national people.
    All you mentioned is true. I’ve been trying to make Korean more clever, even my friends or family.
    I have to give them up when I realise that it is all about Korean blood that Koreans like to beg to Stong one but always ignore Weak one. That is the reason why Korea has been always under the big countries such as China, Japan and now America.

    So, I can advise that EU and white American can still use Korean Government to take lots of advantage. Koreans will repects you 100% because you are white and stronger than themselves. I know you’ve been already aware of that long time ago.


    February 21, 2013 at 6:38 am

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