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Oh Korea Times

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Another piece of outstanding journalism the Korea Times.

A teenage girl distracted one driver by flashing her breasts at passing motorists and got hit by the car in New Zealand.

According to The Southland Times, Cherelle May Dudfield, 18, dared to flash passing cars in the southern city of Invercargill after a night out drinking with her friends on Sept. 27.

She claimed that she was egged on by her friend. “She tried to run from its path when she saw a car coming toward her but she got hit by a distracted driver. She rolled over the bonnet of the car and cracked the windscreen but she had not suffered any big injuries,” police prosecutor Sergeant Rob Mills said.

Duty solicitor John Fraser said while Dudfield’s actions had been “stupidity in the extreme,” there was a question whether the driver could have been more careful. However, Fraser conceded the driver could have been distracted.

Judge David Holderness called her actions dangerous, adding that she was lucky not to have been badly hurt. She was convicted this week and fined $275 for her September incident.

Can someone tell me how this news is relevant to Korea?  It seems that they’re running out of reporters (and definitely short of an editor) as there are a lot of submissions originally written in Korean then translated to English (한글 번역).

Soooo stupid but too funny!  Keep up the ‘great’ work Korea Times!


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December 18, 2009 at 11:56 am

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  1. It is because Enquiring minds want to know. Americans have this tabloid rag called the Korean I mean National Enquirer. They routinely published crap like that in their rag, can’t call it a paper. Their slogan was, “Enquiring minds want to know.” They were routinely sued and routinely lost.


    December 18, 2009 at 2:55 pm

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