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Schools Look Abroad to Hire Teachers

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Thanks to Savstrom for providing a link to this interesting article from The New York Times.  The title of this post may look like a title that many of you have seen here in Korea (or those abroad looking to teach in Korea).  However, it’s the American public school system that is currently having a tough time looking for instructors.

Seems like the polar opposite of what’s going on here in Korea; relative lack of positions for a seemingly surplus of applicants.  There’s actually slightly more foreign teachers in the States compared to Korea but of course per-capita-wise Korea has a lot more foreigners teaching.

I think those that want to teach in Korea but don’t qualify should seriously consider the U.S., if of course they qualify for the positions that they’re seeking and if they don’t mind the less-desirable areas.

The report cited the Baltimore Public Schools as a case study. Baltimore hired 108 teachers from the Philippines in 2005, but four years later has more than 600 Filipino teachers working in city classrooms, where they make up more than 10 percent of the teaching force.

Also, I’m fairly confident that U.S. schools won’t try to pull the same bullshit manuevers that shady hagwons owners try to get away with here resulting in the establishment of labour unions.  I know that there are already labour unions for teachers in North America but aren’t they pretty much in every industry?

This is a good thing for candidates from non-E-2 countries to get a job elsewhere.  I’m definitely not going to try to defend why Filipinos and Indians should not be teaching English.  I still receive countless calls in horrendous English from people inquiring about these jobs.  Not qualifying for the visa is one thing but no one is going to want to learn English from someone whose native language isn’t English!! (Even if Indians are allowed in the future).  If you wanted to learn Chinese, would you rather learn from a Chinese person or from someone who studies Chinese?


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January 8, 2010 at 5:21 pm

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