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Nearly 20% of Salaried Workers Moonlighting

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And I’m a part of that 20%.

Only in Korea though, can one make 50,000 KRW+ per hour teaching conversational English (legally of course).  Sure it’s a pain in the ass driving to various spots to do privates but it’s the easiest money ever.

About one out of five salaried workers has a second job, according to a recent survey of 1,074 salaried workers released by jobs website Incruit on Wednesday. The proportion of moonlighters has been rising steadily to 18.2 percent from 12.9 percent in 2008 and 15.5 percent last year.

When asked why they are working two jobs, most respondents or 49.2 percent said extra income, followed by self-improvement (12.3 percent), a preparatory step for opening their own business (11.3 percent), provision for retirement (10.3 percent), and hobby or recreational activities (7.2 percent).

Me?  Extra income, that’s it.

Some 35.9 percent said the income from their second job amounts to between 11 and 20 percent of that from their main job, while 8.2 percent said it is as high as between 51 and 60 percent.

My extra income barely accounts for 10% of my ‘real’ income but still nice to have that extra spending cash.  For all you long-termers out there, I strongly suggest that you enroll in some kind of long-term savings plan (where a good chunk of my earnings go).

“Rather than jumping into a second job to make extra money quickly, prospective moonlighters should take a cautious approach, taking into consideration their heath, biorhythm, interests and skills,” Incruit advised.

I prefer to make extra money quickly and easily.


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February 18, 2010 at 11:39 am

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