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Expats invited to suggest regulatory reform

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Finally willing to listen to foreigner gripes but we’ll have to wait if this will result in anything.  At least it’s a small step in the right direction.  Having an F-series visa as opposed to an E-2 visa does make a world of difference however, there are some things that are just impossible or very difficult to do regardless.  I remember walking into a bank wanting to make a check card (basically a debit card) and was told that even though I have an F-4 visa, they can’t/won’t issue it to me because I’m a foreigner.  BULLSHIT!  I have 5 Korean credit cards with limits of 5 to 10 million KRW and you’re telling me that I can’t have a simple debit card?

I know for E-2 holders it’s much worse though.  Too many hoops to jump through with getting a regular contract phone, credit cards, signing up to websites, online shopping, etc, etc.

Let’s give them one year to see what changes will be made.  I hope everyone emails them at least a few suggestions.  I know that they’re giving away gift certificates for ‘bright ideas’ but if they are bombarded with the same complaints, maybe they’ll actually do something about them.

The Prime Minister’s Office receives suggestions on how to improve regulations that are discriminatory or troublesome for foreign residents or overseas Koreans.

Rules that cause inconvenience in immigration, personal identification, status change, economic activities or daily lives of non-Koreans, foreign spouses of Koreans or overseas Koreans could be examples. Ideas on regulations or systems deemed as discriminatory against foreign nationals are also welcome.

Please e-mail your proposals to or fax them to (02) 2100-2323 by the end of March. Outstanding ideas will be rewarded with gift certificates.

The Prime Minister’s Office will also collect suggestions from foreign chambers of commerce in Korea as well as metropolitan and provincial governments, and formulate deregulation or revision plans in May after coordination with related government branches.

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March 9, 2010 at 10:42 am

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