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A poster (rapidcake) on the job forums at ESL Cafe inquired about finding a recruiter to secure a teaching position:

Quick question in regards to work.

All over this forum and from the small amount of experience that I have been doing myself in terms of looking for work, it seems that getting a recruiter is quintessential to finding and obtaining a job in Korea.

I want to know exactly how true this is. Is there any way of circumventing the system? Can us future applicants contact the school directly? Or is there some sort of required system that I’m not very informed of?

Has anyone here ever tried to receive a job without the use of a recruiter while being in your home country? How did you do it?

Ttompatz gave some simple yet really good advice:

Use a recruiter? Yes, unless you are here and know your way around the system.

Use them for what they are.

They are an introduction to a job.
Use as many as you need to find the job you want.
They are like rental agents.
You look at the window and ask inside.
If they have something you like then you have a closer look.
Then you do your own “Due Diligence” and make a decision.
IF they don’t have anything you like, keep looking.

Do NOT limit yourself to one recruiter.
Do not pay them anything.

Echoes my advice given here and here.

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March 16, 2010 at 10:53 am

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