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Sorry….and an update

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Sorry to my few loyal readers for the extreme lack of posts in the past week or so.  We’re busy trying to fill our May positions.  I mentioned before that generally April and May are the worst recruiting months.  However, last year was actually not so bad and this year is turning out to be the same.  From a recruiting standpoint, things haven’t changed much over the past several months.  Good for recruiters who have a lot of clients and can fill positions with ease with a more selective choice of top applicants, bad for recruiters with little to no clients.

Now, while it may be true that it’s a tougher market for instructors since there’s so much ‘competition’, doesn’t necessarily mean that all hope is lost.  In fact, I’m hoping that this will weed out the undesirables and ‘abnormals’ as schools/recruiters become more pickier.  This has definitely been the case for myself and my agency.  While we still tend to get a couple of wackos here and there, the overall pool has gotten a lot better.  Of course there are still a lot of schools out there that prefer to take vulnerable/ignorant/misinformed/desperate over someone who will actually be a good instructor and not run away after 2 months, so maybe it will stay the same in the end anyways.


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March 25, 2010 at 10:58 am

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