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Private Cram Schools Suffer Slump on Government Measures

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This may be a good thing but it seems to be contradicting what was reported about a month ago.  When I mean good thing, I’m hoping that this will weed out the bad guys:

First, each city and provincial education office last year started to crack down on hagwon that ran beyond designated hours and overcharged parents.

Hagwon owners who try to curb the law also tend to rip off their instructors as well.  I also like this:

In addition, the authorities introduced financial reward programs for ordinary citizens who report hagwon that break the law or regulations.

Tipsters on overcharging, violation of hagwon operation hours and unregistered tutors receive cash rewards of up to 2 million won. About 3 billion won was allotted to finance the project last year.

Do hard-working instructors (and recruiters) count as ‘ordinary citizens’ as well? HA!

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April 7, 2010 at 11:54 am

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