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Koreans Swayed by Herd Mentality

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Finally, an accurate article from the Korea Times.  “Jumping the Bandwagon” here is evident everywhere from music, fads, and behaviour in general.  Remember the days of Koreans protesting the sale of American beef?  I highly doubt that the majority were educated on the issues before they wasted hours and days protesting in the streets of Seoul.

“Koreans are susceptible to herd mentality. When their neighbors do or believe something, many of them just follow suit. I regard Internet witch-hunting, real estate speculation or regional dominance of a certain party to stem from such a perspective.”

Another downside is that the mindset may call for mere conformity while intruding upon innovative thinking as amply demonstrated by partisan regionalism. In other words, herd mentality may choke innovation.

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April 23, 2010 at 11:26 am

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