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The F-2-7 Visa

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Good news for people in Korea who only qualify for the E-2 visa but wish to stay here and expand their horizons.  As we all know, the E-2 visa is a hell of a restrictive visa as opposed to those with an F-series visa; can’t work in more than one location without permission, setting up a regular mobile phone plan, getting a credit card, etc, are very difficult with an E-2 visa.

This new visa is a step in the right direction and while some are complaining that the bar is set too high to qualify for it, I think the government simply wants to protect the domestic workforce from too much competition while at the same time, open the door ever so slightly for new talent.

Totally agree with this guy:

“It’s not a right, you have to earn it. If someone’s coming over here and wants more freedom, they have to earn it.” And he intends to do just that, by investing the time and energy to add to his current point total of 35. Wright has already registered to take the Korean Immigration and Integration Program and will be taking the test to verify his Korean proficiency, among other things. Wright did, however, express some frustrations with the new visa, namely the complicated structure, lack of clear information, and inconsistent implementation.

Check out the point scheme for getting the visa:

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May 18, 2010 at 1:26 pm

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  1. That point scheme still makes it nearly impossible for English teachers without a Masters degree or higher.

    I’m wondering about the 10 point Korean culture class too. Seems unfairly weighted in comparison to the education level and Korean language point schemes (presumably the most valuable assets for getting this visa.)

    Basically they only want people with advanced degrees which is fine but this F-2-7 is not attainable even for above average English teacher.


    May 18, 2010 at 2:21 pm

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