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Economy can handle some turmoil: MOF

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I was really worried today that stocks were going to tank due to the whole Cheonan incident and the European crisis, the latter of which contributed to the massive reaming that U.S. and other markets took last week.  Good thing that Friday was a holiday (not for me though), which gave the markets here a rest and investors time to think and not make major pullouts.

I was pleasantly surprised to see most stocks go up today.  Looks like the Ministry of Finance is doing what it can to squash some of the fears as well:

But Seoul’s financial turbulence has largely moderated since last Friday, since the market rout last Thursday largely stemmed from southern Europe’s debt crisis, said Lim.

While blue chips aren’t doing well overall, it looks like smaller firms are faring much better.  My Asiana is up more than 50%!!

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May 24, 2010 at 2:22 pm

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One of the Negatives of being a Recruiter in Korea

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Well, every job essentially sucks.  That’s why it’s a ‘job’.  I think I’m pretty lucky with my agency and pay but you could bet that a lot of other English language instructor recruiters that probably want to kill themselves.  Either that or they’re too stupid or desperate to take their job seriously.  Next time an idiot recruiter tries to screw around with you, take into consideration their pathetic existence (ha!) and they probably won’t last that long anyways.  After you wipe away that tear, dump him/her and move onto the next one or even better, apply directly to a school (if possible).

Some of you may be interested in moving on from teaching and go onto recruiting.  You have to put in tons of hours (if you take your job seriously of course).  Forget about holidays too; I had to come in last Friday (Buddha day or whatever it was).  When I’m not at home working, I’m on my BlackBerry.  Because we’re based in Korea, there’s a lot of correspondence with our overseas partners and candidates.  So we work all day (of course overtime is expected in Korea), come home when the N.A. business day starts, then wake up to a full inbox.

Okay I don’t hate my job that much; it could be worse of course.  Just that the hours are hurting me these days.  Now that the summer rush is about to begin, looks like it won’t get any easier any time soon.  But as moms says, better to be busy than not busy at all.

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May 24, 2010 at 11:50 am

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