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So I saw this AD on ESL Cafe and thought, wow, 4.1 million KRW is a pretty decent salary for a teaching position.  Then I clicked on the AD to see what the catch was:

4.1 Salary
The Employer will pay the Employee 2.2 million won (hereinafter called the “Monthly Salary”) as compensation for all services rendered. The payment for the employment will be calculated every month and be made in Korean won. This salary will be paid on the 30th day of the next month. The Employee’s salary begins upon first workday.
The Korean Income Tax and the premiums for the Medical Insurance and the National Pension Plan will be deducted from the Employee’s salary. The Employee’s salary determines the actual amount to be deducted as per Korean won. No advance payment is available in any circumstances. Under no circumstances will the salary be withheld from the Employee.

4.2 Overtime
If the Employer requires the Employee to teach in excess of the Teaching Hours, such overtime or extra hours shall be paid for, in addition to the Monthly Salary, at the rate of 20,000 won per hour.

4.3 Paid Vacation
The Employee will receive 5 day summer vacation and 5 day winter vacation. (The 5 days should be in a row.) If Korean National holidays and those days which close intentionally are included within and as part of vacation time, they will be counted as vacation days. The Employee’s vacation schedule must first be approved by the Employer.

4.4 Paid Holidays
The Employee will observe holidays as prescribed in a yearly calendar by the Korean law.

I won’t paste it all but it goes all the way down to section 10.  So basically the person in charge of this AD used his/her wonderful marketing know-how and pasted the contract on the AD starting from section 4.1 leading me to believe they were offering a salary of 4.1!  How stupid of me.

At least they got me to click on the AD.


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June 3, 2010 at 10:48 am

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