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Ask the Recruiter: Teacher Blacklists?

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Meme wrote:

Is it true that recruiters have a blacklist for teachers? I read this in either the Korea Times or Herald? If so can we find out if our names are on it. I am so tired of hearing about all these blacklist. Things have gotten so ridiculous here. It is sad

There is (or was) a blacklist that appeared a few years ago.  I forgot what the address was since my agency doesn’t look at it.  If you have any teaching experience in Korea, a smart recruiter or agency, would always call your previous employer(s).  A desperate recruiter or school could care less and would hire a candidate regardless of their previous experience.  We don’t look at general blacklists because we know that it’s always a case of he said/she said and like instructors must take everything they read about schools and recruiters with a grain of salt, recruiters and schools must do the same when reading instructor reviews.

Of course, when we do a reference check, a previous employer can also lie if they’re disgruntled about you leaving or have some other personal issues.  This is when we must use our best judgment to see if the candidate is worth moving forward with.  Usually reviews consist of both good and bad such as “oh he was okay, was always prepared, and the kids liked him but he was also too quiet”.

If you do see your name on a blacklist, it might be worth contacting the webmaster to refute what is on there.  This is what we do when a disgruntled former employee lies outright about their experience with us or one of our school.  We also provide legal documents refuting their claim.

But again, from my experience and from the experience from my recruiter acquaintances, we don’t really look at these blacklists regularly but do a reference check.

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June 14, 2010 at 10:28 am

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  1. Can you identify or qualify who or what this list does and collects? How one can find out if they were on it? Also, do recruiters check immigration records for past E2 visas?


    December 13, 2010 at 4:51 pm

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