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Seoul 14th in cost of living for expats

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These cost of living rankings always amuse me.  They always use the standards of ‘expatriate’ or how one would live in their home country which is obviously very misleading:

“That’s due to the won’s gain against the dollar at that time. Meanwhile, the demand for good expatriate housing increased amid signs of an economic recovery,” Nathalie Constantin-Metral, a senior researcher at Mercer responsible for compiling the rankings, said in a statement.

They should take into consideration that many expatriates do not purchase their own housing or car and live by relatively modest means.  The transportation system for example is very efficient and far more cheaper than back home.  Actually I don’t use public transportation but the last time I did, it was about 1,000 KRW for a single trip compared to $2.50 CAN for a trip in Toronto (last time I checked).  Also, taxis are much more affordable here than in North America.

If you eat at TGIFs, Bennigans, and other western restaurants, of course you’ll spend a lot on food.  But if you still with Korean food and just cook at home, food is much more cheaper here.  One of the biggest pluses of living in Korea, is that you are not expected to tip (taxis, restaurants, delivery), other than fancy hotels and restaurants.

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July 1, 2010 at 10:52 am

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