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More on Candidate’s Appearances

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From my previous post, Joy asked:

I would like to know the stratification of this topic. Do public schools base their choices more on appearance, background or experience? Since public schools aren’t keeping a business alive they don’t ideally need to worry about who is at the front of the class. But I have been in Korea long enough to know that my initial logical thinking is probably wrong. *PS I work at public schools & I am white, female…average weight.

I forgot to mention in the last post that it’s mostly after-school academies that are picky about appearances.  Public schools, as far as I know, are very liberal when accepting candidates.  Of course discrimination is illegal in Korea but we all know that means jack squat.  There may even be discriminatory practices at public schools although because they’re ‘government’ they won’t be as blatant as hagwons.  You’re right; public schools are not businesses like hagwons so they don’t have to worry about students dropping out because they don’t like the instructors appearance, etc.

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July 19, 2010 at 4:15 pm

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