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Changing Jobs in the Middle of a Contract

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Pedro asks:

What advice do you have for changing jobs 3 months into the contract?

This was commented from my post here.  My advice would be unless your current employer is seriously screwing you over or you’re extremely miserable at your job, don’t try to change to a different position.  It’s possible but there is a lot of red tape.  If you’re getting paid on time and your boss and coworkers aren’t putting you through hell, I would just stick it out.

That said, if something is seriously not right here are the steps you should take:

  • Give written notice via email and on paper to your employer.  Your contract should outline the minimum amount of days you should give before ending your contract
  • Be as civil and professional as possible up to your last day of work.  Don’t be late, complain about little things, and do your best.  This leads to my next point.
  • Obtain a letter of release from your employer.  If you worked more than 6 months on an E-2 visa, a transfer is possible sans visa run.  However, if you worked less than 3 months, you must go on a visa run (once you have a new position) to get a new E-2.  Keep in mind that it is not a legal requirement for an employer to provide a letter of release which is why you should be as nice and professional as possible so that they will.
  • Get a new job (ideally this should be done before you quit).  Transfer the visa over (6 months or more) or go on the visa run (less than 6 months).  The new school may or may not pay for the visa run.

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September 1, 2010 at 11:13 am

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