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Last Post on Filipino Instructors

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Okay, my posts (here, here, and here) on the possibility of Filipino instructors have generated a lot of discussion.  I’m going to end it.  Some may have claimed that my stance was racist which I don’t believe it is so.  I just believe that nationalities whose native tongue is English should be the ones teaching their language.  I think it can be generally agreed upon that most Koreans would want to learn English from someone with a North American accent and to a lesser extent, those with British, Australian, Kiwi, South African accents (sorry guys, sad but true).

Kaiweasley, a Filipina, echoes my sentiment.  We are talking about the vast majority here; of course there are many that may be capable of teaching the writing, reading, and grammar aspects of English and even less, speaking.  I know I’ll be flamed for saying this as well but there is also a lot of nationalistic pride involved when defending one’s peoples particularly on this subject.  Kudos to Kaiweasley for telling it like it is:

Hello. I’m a Filipina and I’ve had my fair share of time in those Korean call centers in the Philippines. Unfortunately, many Korean call centers fail when it comes to screening their tutors – which is why a lot of students do not get their money’s worth. I’m not looking down on Filipinos because that would be ironic and just stupid. My point is, a lot of so-called English tutors pride themselves in being capable of teaching the language when if fact, they do not have the skills to do so. I admit, when I hear some fellow teachers speak, I can’t help but secretly cringe. However, I’ve also met a lot of capable Filipino English tutors as well.

It’s just a matter of proper screening, really :)

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September 2, 2010 at 5:15 pm

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