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Getting a national CRC Check in Korea

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Savstrom asked:

Not related to this post but a question that many Americans are wondering about:

Could you please explain the new visa regulations requiring FBI CRC for Americans?

I am especially interested in how this pertains to people currently in Korea. Should anyone renewing a contract after January 1 plan on getting this? How can you get an Apostille while in Korea?

Immigration is now implementing that all criminal background/records check must be at the national level starting from 2011.  For Americans, a state-wide CRC will suffice until the end of this year.  Prior to that, a city-wide was good enough for the visa.  Immigration finally figured out that state-wide checks in the U.S. only checked the state where the search was conducted and after some idiots made all English instructors look bad, they now require the the nationwide check.  Therefore, an arrest/charge/conviction in Maryland for example, would not show up on a Virginia check.  We called immigration a month or so ago, and they said that since Canadian local checks all stated that a search was conducted in the ‘national repository’, they will still suffice for the new visa regulations.  Of course, they can change their mind on the matter whenever they please, so I’m still suggesting that all Canadians still get an RCMP check now if you plan on renewing or if you are going to find a job in the new year.

With regards to your questions about getting an FBI check in Korea, please go to their website to get all the forms for Americans who are currently overseas.  You will need to get your prints done here and then send them back to the U.S.  The FBI will then send the results to get the Apostille and then send everything back to you.   It will take a long time though (few months).


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October 18, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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Who Wants to be a Recruiter Part 2

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Tyler asked:

hi, I’ve been in Korea 3+ years and am looking to get into recruiting by joining an existing company. Was wondering if there was any way to get in contact with you to ask some questions. Thanks.

I’ve actually received a few inquiries since my last post on the subject here.  Please read through it; the most important thing you need is an F-series visa (if you’re a foreigner).  Otherwise you’re out of luck unless the employer is willing to sponsor an E-7 visa which is difficult and unlikely.

These days, the recruiting business is not all that great unless you’re established and been around for several years resulting in loyal clients who are also in turn doing well (or better than the rest).  It’s definitely better than a year ago when agencies were referring candidates for $100 or giving them away in some instances simply because they had way too many resumes and not enough clients.  However, it hasn’t gotten that much better.  With most agencies not doing so well, you’d be hard-pressed to find a job recruiting; not impossible but difficult.

Also, if you are lucky to find a job in this field, don’t expect the pay to be anything spectacular.  You’re probably better off being an instructor if money is your top priority.  Also, to be blunt, this job sucks.  Of course every job has it’s good points and negatives and you should always be thankful for having employment especially in times like these.  However, if you read through this blog, you’ll generally get a good idea of what I mean, particularly the reputation among foreign native English instructors in Korea.

All that said though if you really want to get into this, I would suggest rather than trying to join an agency, you could start one on your own.  With visa and licensing issues in Korea, you’ll probably be better off starting something from back home.  Keep in mind though that you’ll be competing with a plethora of other individual recruiters and agencies in Korea and abroad.

If you have more specific questions, please shoot me an email at

Hope that helps.

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