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English teachers look to change their image

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From the Korea Herald today.  ATEK taking a different approach?  As discussed here, the new drug test plans understandably outraged English instructors in Korea.

One of Korea’s biggest foreign English teacher associations is taking an enlightened approach against the fight on mandatory HIV testing by correcting, rather than complaining about, the public’s image of English teachers as promiscuous party animals.

It’s a proactive approach but,

“ATEK prefers taking a problem-solving approach to that kind of a question, where rather than complaining about some perceived injustice, why don’t we get to work on improving the reputation of English teachers in Korea, by going out into the community and doing good stuff.”

Not sure if everyone will do that.  However, if a few bad apples can tarnish an entire community’s image, perhaps a few can set a good example and show that not all foreigners are dirty, diseased, perverted, unqualified joint-smokers?  Too optimistic?  Probably.

“When English teachers go out into the community and volunteer, collect clothes for poor kids and volunteer English lessons at the orphanage nearby, than instead of being that kind of faceless, scary, English teacher, it humanizes us and by contributing to Korean society and saying we’re not here just to drink and party and take our money and go home. We’re part of Korean society, and we want to be responsible members and contributors to Korean society.”

Umm…not to rain on the parade but I think a lot of foreigners (not just English teachers) do things like this already and the image remains the same.



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November 16, 2010 at 10:56 am

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