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Hagwon vs. Public School

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This poster on ESL Cafe was wondering if there were any ‘good’ hagwons out there.

I know most people would say that a public school is more reliable and safe since it’s a ‘government’ position but there in my opinion, I would go with a private after-school academy.  Of course with a P.S. you get the long vacations, short ‘teaching’ hours, and reassurance that you will get paid on time and not dicked around with your contract but at the same time, you will more than likely be the only teacher at your school (and a bitch co-teacher which I find all too common), will be required to be at the school for long hours when not teaching (desk-warming may be a good thing for some people), but most importantly, the pay is relatively lower than a hagwon, especially for someone with teaching experience.

A hagwon on the other hand, will pay a ‘relatively’ decent salary (newbies: don’t accept lower than 2.2), will not require you to desk-warm for an unreasonable amount of time (although some may require you to do some extra B.S. work), and you more than likely won’t be the only teacher there unless it’s a really small school.  On the downside however, you will definitely get less vacation days and if you don’t do your research and find a bunk school with a prick director, you may be getting screwed.

Of course this is only my opinion and some may try to refute this.  A public school is best for someone who isn’t so concerned about money or for someone who has a lot of experience with decent pay to reflect that.  Also, if you’re studying for a post-graduate degree or doing some side work on the internet, you can do that during your desk-warming hours.  However, as most people are here to save some coin, probably best to go the hagwon route.  Of course there are a ton of shady schools (and recruiters) out there so as I had always mentioned, best to apply to one of the big chains directly.

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December 30, 2010 at 10:53 am

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Job Competition Averaged 71 to 1 in 2010

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From today’s Chosun Ilbo.  Obviously the Korean ESL job market for foreigner native English speakers isn’t this bad.  Otherwise, my job would really suck.  Check out the jobs below:

The most competitive industry was construction with 178 applicants per job, followed by IT (121) and automotives (101). The lowest rate was 24 in the electric and electronics industry.

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December 30, 2010 at 10:11 am

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